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About US

We are a team of passionate horticulturists and designers that started tending to plants and outdoor spaces as Greater Brisbane Gardens in 2010.  Although our gardening roots run much deeper than this.  We love every aspect of designing, maintaining and building outdoor spaces.  Green space is so integral to our health and well-being and we believe that nurturing these spaces is just as important as eating well and keeping fit.

The team is constantly researching design trends, attending garden and landscape expos and reading literature to keep up to date.  We use this to blend ideas, new plants and products with our style to create something beautiful, engaging and long lasting.

We wholeheartedly believe in an organic approach just as nature had intended it.  How can you argue with millions of years of evolution?  We practice biological control by planting beneficial plants and encouraging biodiversity throughout our gardens.  What our buggy, reptilian and mammalian friends don’t take care of, our organic sprays and techniques will.

Our organic and plant health based approach to landscaping and garden care means gardens are a buzz with life, a happy balance is achieved and you can sit back and let nature nurture you.

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