The benefits of regular garden maintenance

We believe that at the heart of any good garden is a team of professionals maintaining the gardens to a high standard, ensuring healthy growth, and keeping the gardens looking great.

Our head horticulturalist Alister has been in the industry for the past 10 years, cultivating, creating and nurturing gardens. He understands the importance of regular garden maintenance to ensure the garden can flourish and evolve once it has been installed. Here are some of the top reasons why he believes your garden will thank you for maintaining it regularly.

Understanding the Seasons

With the changing of the seasons, the rate in which the maintenance is performed or what is performed changes. Horticulturalists and gardeners are trained to treat and nurture the garden in different ways to suit the season, allowing optimum growth and keeping your garden looking good all year round. They will be able to cut back hedges at the ideal time and nurture plants and lawn that might normally struggle during intense heat.

Ensuring Healthy Growth

With any garden, you want to ensure that the growth of the plants is healthy and that they are growing the way that they should be – to height and to shape. Regular maintenance will help ensure plants are growing in the right direct and can be trimmed to keep their shape. For example, a topiary will require regular maintenance to ensure the plant is neatly trimmed to the desired shape and not look overgrown.

A horticulturalists and gardeners experience will help detect pests, moulds, and diseases. They will be able to quickly treat anything before it spreads or kills any adjacent plants and continue to monitor the health of the plant or lawn.

Keeping Surfaces Clean and Usable

Garden maintenance doesn’t just include the plants, lawn and soil, but also the surrounding surfaces too. Maintaining surfaces, walls and fences can help prolong life and keep things like mould, rot and decay at bay. Keeping these materials and surfaces clean and maintained will also help prevent injury such as slips on mouldy pavers or fences falling over due to overgrown plants. You want to make sure paths are usable by clearing overgrown plants, decks are kept in good usable condition, and your letterbox isn’t being swallowed by a hedge. All these things keep you garden looking better than the day it was installed, and even give your house street appeal if you decide to sell or rent.

If you think your garden needs some regular love, reach out to us today and we can talk further about a maintenance plan for your garden.