Why you should hire a Landscape Designer

You wouldn’t put an Ikea flat pack together without instructions, so why build a landscape without a design or plan.

Now, I know you’re not here to learn how to build a bookshelf, but the essentials are transferrable to landscaping. You need to know what you’re doing before you jump right in, miss a step and end up with half a shelf.

When thinking about your next landscape project, you might think that calling up a landscaper or builder should be your first point of call. What if we told you that investing in a Landscape Designers knowledge and design expertise could help you in the long run.

A Landscape Designer is a design professional who specialises in residential landscape design. They are trained to put together a landscape plan that is tailored to your needs and specific to your site. Just like following a set of instructions, the plans provide you with the tools for you or your landscaper to build the landscape.

You Will Get Creative Design Solutions

Not only does a Landscape Designer provide you with a plan of your outdoor space you can visualise, your designer will present creative design solutions to site problems and your design brief. Landscape Designers have lots of design ideas due to being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and constantly learning. Their abundant ideas and creative flair will give you an outcome you might not have imagined.

They will be able to provide detailed plans and visual aids such as hand drawn sketches and 3D models to help you visualise your new outdoor space. These visual aids can be so crucial in visualising level changes, plants and structures before they are being installed. This way you can make sure that what you think you want is what will look the best aesthetically and be functional.

Creating A Landscape To Budget

A professional Landscape Designer understands the costs of all things required in the landscape and will be familiar with creating a landscape to your desired budget.

All landscape projects start with creativity and imagination at the beginning, but once you start refining the aesthetics and materials, the important step is transforming the design into a realistic budget friendly design. This is where a Landscape Designer can help navigate through your brief and aesthetics to create something that is reasonable to your budget range. Their experience will make it easier to determine whether the desired design will be better accomplished through one phase or multiple based on the scope of works.

Have Piece of Mind

Hiring a professional designer will you have the peace of mind that everything has been thought of and you don’t have to worry about looking through hundreds of tile options, or what plants grow best in full sun.

Landscape designer’s help take the uncertainty out of landscaping projects and leave you to relax and enjoy your new outdoor space.

Contractor Liaison

Most Landscape Designers will have connections and preferred contractors and supplies they work with or can recommend. Their strong relationships with these professionals will help your project flow from design to construction with ease, and it means you don’t have to worry about the stress of finding the right landscaper for you.

If you have an upcoming landscape project, think about contacting a Landscape Designer to help you develop and refine your ideas and action any problematic site conditions.

As experienced Landscape Designers within the Brisbane area, we’d love to help you take your ideas and create and beautiful landscape design for your property today.